fbpx 이팩 플렉서블 패키지, 폴란드로의 확장을 발표하다 – 이팩 서울|다품종 소량생산 전문 디지털 인쇄

이팩 플렉서블 패키지, 폴란드로의 확장을 발표하다

ePac Flexible Packaging is pleased to announce its third European facility, ePac Poland North, located near the cities of Poznan and Bydgoszcz. This expands ePac’s network of sales and production operations across the Continent, builds on the successful launch of European sites in the UK (Silverstone) and France (Lyon), and further signals the company’s intent to become the supplier of choice in local markets throughout Europe.

ePac Poland North is a partnership between ePac and mFlex, and will operate from mFlex’s production facility, an established flexible packaging facility that already uses digital printing.  The company will be led by Managing Partners Jacek Ciosek and Marcin Kowalski; both seasoned executives in flexible packaging who will manage ePac’s operations and customer relationships.

Jacek says, “I’m very excited to head up the ePac team in Poland. We welcome the opportunity to help small and medium sized brands across the region grow and compete with large CPG’s. Across the globe, ePac has an established presence focused on helping local entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and to be accretive to the communities we serve. Our aim here in Poland is to bring that same philosophy to Poland.” Marcin adds, “I am also convinced that the synergy resulting from mFlex’s experience and capabilities, along with ePac’s resources and know-how, will bring great benefits to all of our customers”.

이팩 폴란드 노스, 이팩 그리고 엠플렉스가 폴란드에서 처음으로 생산 공장을 열다.
마르친 코왈스키, 조니 호베이카 & 야체크 치오세크(왼쪽부터 오른쪽 순)

Johnny Hobeika, Managing Director of ePac Holdings Europe, comments, “Bringing our great business model to Poland to help local brands is hugely exciting. These are of course very challenging times, but despite the pandemic, we have been able to continue with our plans, and together with mFlex, offer our Polish customers a local and unique solution to their flexible packaging needs. Our message is simple: we are here, and we are ready to serve!”.

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